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Phishing Awareness

Phishing simulation and security awareness training tailored to your unique culture & people.
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can you afford a data breach?
The average cost of a data leak caused by phishing is $4.91 Million

Facebook & Google

Lost $100 million to a single email-based phishing attack

Sony Pictures

Lost $100 million after a phishing attack breached over 100 TB of data

High Touch Expertise

Improve your organizational security score with Averro

Reach your target security rate with the help of our experienced teams and customized, high touch approach.
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Phase 1

Organizational Security Foundation

Phishing Assessment

Identify your organization’s baseline of phishing awareness and education, deploy custom campaigns, receive detailed results reporting, and work towards your goal organizational security score.
Pay per user
Use custom email templates
Troubled user segmentation
Iterative user group campaigns
Enterprise training database (1,000+ courses)
Customized feedback and reporting
Monthly status syncs
Special pricing for longer service terms
Choose from:
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Phase 2

Organizational Security Maintenance

Phishing Defense

Improve and maintain security through managed phishing campaigns and custom reporting. Identify areas of weakness and focus efforts to reduce vulnerabilities and boost organizational security.
Pay per user
Reuse email templates from Phase 1
Enterprise training database (1,000+ courses)
Customized feedback and reporting
Iterative campaign loops to identify troubled users
Continuous onboarding and education
Pricing based on Phase 1 service term
Choose from:
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months

Build a custom phishing awareness plan powered  by industry experts

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How it Works


Averro experts evaluate your organization and get to know your people and culture.


We create unique campaigns tailored to your organization and teams.


Our team analyzes the results of each campaign to identify troubled user groups. Monthly syncs are held to review the campaign and develop training plans for troubled users.


We provide comprehensive virtual security awareness training. Troubled user groups identified through test campaigns complete virtual training courses.

Why Averro?

Tailor-Made Campaigns

Email campaigns are realistic and targeted to each organization, team, or group.

Flexible Support Packages

Buy only what you need. Choose support and maintenance lengths that work for your team.

Continuous Monitoring

After each campaign, results are reviewed and used to identify weaknesses and remediate accordingly.

Extensive Experience

Averro has been a leader in IT services for over 20 years and has a strong record supporting small to enterprise teams.

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