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From start-to-finish, we are there to help ensure a smooth and efficient HR process. Everything from attracting the right kinds of applicants and onboarding to separation and exit strategies, and everything in between.

What We Offer


Hiring Strategy
Interview Training
Employee Offer Letters & Agreements
Employer Branding


Onboarding Practices
30/60/90 Reviews


Career Pathing
Employee Training Programs
Leadership Training
Strategy & Thought Leadership


Work Culture Integration
DEI Initiatives
Employee Engagement Surveys
Performance Management


Exit Interviews
Facilitating COBRA
Employee Exit Strategy
Separation Preparedness


Benefits & Total Rewards
‍Compensation models & Packages
Handbook Development
‍Employment Law Compliance

Why Averro?

We’re known for our targeted business-consulting approach that finds the true root problem and solves it to save you money and time.

Our consultative approach to every project ensures your team optimal hire and results. By first developing an intimate understanding of your team culture, mission, and values.

We leverage our industry expertise to create a roadmap for hitting your targets with top experts.
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